Kris Ver Donck,

General manager

Graduated as biochemist at Antwerp University [’88] Kris Ver Donck has held several positions at Trinean, Ghent, Belgium, Digilab & Maia Scientific, Geel, Belgium and at Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical R&D, Beerse, Belgium. As founder of Confluence Consulting he is providing  consultancy and management services for technology development and introduction, automation and image analysis to life sciences companies, laboratories and technology providers.  Among other projects he has contributed in study, design and implementation of a fully automated pathogenic virus screening lab and of a large scale image data integration project for neuronal research.

With the LCSB institute at the University of Luxembourg, he coordianted the HuMiX gut-on-chip venture development project, leading to a scalable proof-of-concept prototype of the technology and succesfully completing the Fit-4-Start accelerator program.

As Head of global sales at Trinean, now Unchained Labs, [’12 – ‘18] he coordinated and rebuilt the distribution network and implemented direct sales channels in major markets. In addition he managed specific development projects for microvolume quantification spectroscopy.

As CTO and co-founder of the imaging division of Digilab & Maia Scientific [’01 - ’11] he has lead the development of a fully automated high throughput microscopy and image analysis platform for use in e.g. industrial production of cell cultures. This included the development of hardware, software, image analysis applications and bioassays. He has also organised the European field service and via partners the production of the imaging instruments. He was actively involved in sales and marketing with representation at trade shows, conferences and lectures, and in business-to-business negotiations with OEM partners and key accounts.

At Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical R&D division Janssen Pharmaceutica [’88-’01] he has designed and implemented the HTS (high throughput screening) facilities and developed pioneer LIMS (Lab Information Management System) and HCA (microscopy image analysis screening). These were used for biochemical, pharmacological and cellular assays and for genetic screening on model organisms, applied to cardiovascular, oncology and neurology research.