Strategic advice and managment services

for Life Science organisations

Kris Ver Donck

General manager

Active as interim manager and venture development consultant in biotech lab technologies and automation,

Kris Ver Donck has previously pioneered HTS, LIMS, and imaging based genotype screening at J&J Janssen research. Developed and commercialised High Content Imaging devices as co-founder and CTO at Digilab / Maia Scientific. Managed the global sales network at Trinean / Unchained Labs for genomic and proteomic QC equipment. And among other challenging scientific and automation projects coached the development and implementation of a fully automated pathogen virology lab.

Bridging the gap in Life science

Understaing the needs of the industry and of the user by analysis of  the application and  process bridges the gap beween supplier and user for succesful implementation of new technologies and capabilities.

This analysis is essential for any lab automation or analytical technology to be both technically and commercially succesfull.

Lab automation

High content imaging




  • Global sales and distributor network management and expansion.
  • Market studies and product launches.
  • Technology, product, and Application development.
  • SOP’s and data quality management.


  • Label free bioanalysis
  • Microfluidic and lab-on-chip applications.

  • Analytical reader technologies.

  • High Content Screening (HCS),
    High Content Analysis (HCA).

  • Bio-image analysis and multi platform imaging data integration.

  • High throughput automation.

  • LIMS systems, laboratory workflow optimisation and data handling.


  • (Bio)Pharmaceutical discovery research & screening.

  • Biochemical assays, cell-based assays, genetic model organisms.

  • Label free cell-based assays and bio-molecule quantification.

  • Primary cell culture assays.

  • Biotech startup & scaleup

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Distribution channel management

  • Customer application support

  • HTS, HCS, automation

  • Analytical technologies

  • Label free assays