High content imaging and analysis

At Janssen research (J&J) we developed a unique imaging platform combining high throughput automation with powerful image analysis. This platform was matured and commercialized at Maia Scientific.


  • Development and commercialisation of a best in class HCS platform
  • High resolution 2D and 3D relational applications in pharmaceutical R&D and toxicology screening.
  • Ultrafast label free clonality detection and cellcount integrated in a high throughput automated hybridoma selection robot system for development of biologics..


Measuring is knowing. Novel technologies are being developed to get more out of your experimental readout. Implementing this the right way helps you grow.


  • Commercialisation of a high and medium throughput label free quantification and purity analysis platform for DNA and protein samples.
  • Development of data integration methodology to combine 3D in vivo imaging with 2D histology.
  • Improve reproducibility for a cost effetive veterinary blood diagnostic in a mobile lab to monitor cattle health.
  • Improve algorithmics for industrial QC on cork.
  • Develop a scable commercialisation model for a lab-on-chip microbiome human host interaction prototype.

HTS and Laboratory automation

HTS is an important tool to identify arly leads in development of novel therapies with both classical pharmaceuticals as well as with biologicals and immune therapies. Especially when the need is high like with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. 


  • Project support from concept to implementation of a fully automated biosafety level 3+ robotic HTS lab for pathogen research in a leading virology institute..
  • Development of dedicated LIMS systems for pharmaceutical screening.
  • Commercialisation and channel management of multple bio-analytical HTS technologies.